New Haven Semi Private Personal Training

Join Our New Haven Semi Private Sessions For Camaraderie And Accountability!

Semi-Private Personal Training is the most affordable way to reach your fitness goals. By sharing your sessions with a small group of 6 individuals you are more responsible for your own success, but you still have close guidance from an experienced coach and the ability to follow your own individualized program, while getting to enjoy the company of our awesome community.

If you are looking for a fun, motivational environment (or are lacking the fitness knowledge needed to reach your goals) Semi-Private Personal Training is the answer you're looking for.

Get a Full Body Workout With Semi Private Personal Training 

Workouts are tailored to fit the need of the client and his/her goals. Common themes among all workouts include:

  • Flexibility Training
  • Core Training
  • Balance Training
  • Resistance Training
  • And More!

By combining different types of exercises in our sessions your whole body is developed in a well-balanced, complete fitness system. This attention to detail in programming provides integrated, longer lasting results!

Become Empowered To Reach Your Goals In New Haven

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