21-Days of Play Challenge

To the Playful at Heart,


Human beings are complex, but what allows us to evolve and adapt, aside from our opposable thumbs, is our innate propensity to Play through adulthood (“neoteny”).     

“An advantage that neoteny bestows is extended openness to change, and sustained curiosity, as well as the ability to readily incorporate new information…Life-long play is central to our continued well-being, adaptation, and social cohesiveness.”  - Stuart Brown, founder of the National Institute for Play

I know that you're socially conscious and you want to care for your well-being.  You want to adapt to this crazy, evolving world, and you want to manage your stress while doing it.

Play decreases stress because Play-Based movement is practical and adapting; we all need to feel well, adapt to the ever changing demands of modern life, and thrive in a socially cohesive environment.  So, that’s the way we should train…with nature’s fountain of youth: play.

So, I'm really glad you're here, and I want to encourage you to call us today at (203) 745-0214 or complete the form on this page to put you on the fastest track to your new life of decreased stress.

Here's what this is all about...

We've developed a 21-Days of Play New Year's Challenge that's unlike anything you've ever seen in the past.  There're no "workouts" (unless you want 'em), only movement sessions of exploration designed to get you in deeper connection to your body.  There are no diets, but we'll give you some recipes and tips.  Definitely no drugs and no gimmicks.  Because that's so 90s.

Our 21-Days of Play combines three elements:

  1. Fun, quick play sessions that get you feeling invigorated, taller, and ready to handle fox news
  2. Nutritional guidance and meal planning that helps you feeling like the past month of debauchery never happend
  3. And the magic of coaching and weekly accountability sessions that gives you an individualized plan for success so you never need another challenge again...until 2019...or your goals change...

Yes, I've said it before, but the coaching and accountability ARE magical.  Because when two people get together to focus on one thing and one thing only: connecting you to the body you were always meant to drive, because face it, your body is your only vehicle for accomplishing all the greatness you have deep inside yourself...when we get together to establish simple, measurable action steps to getting you closer to uncovering just what elements are required for you to thrive in your body...you're unstoppable.  And that, my friend, is magic!

It's just 21 days.  We're inviting you to play every day.  Can you even imagine what that would feel like?  How freeing-  How fun-  Do you even remember what it felt like to be a kid?  Here's your chance...

It's all guided and structured to your current level of fitness, so I'm not going to throw you on the monkey bars day one or anything.  You're good.

And if you're one of the first 21 people to register now by completing the form on this page or calling us at (203) 745-0214, we'll give you the entire 21-day program for just $197 (a savings of %37 off our full price).

Stick with us for 21 days that will change your body and your life. 

It's that simple.

Who This Is For


The 21-Days of Play is designed specifically for New Haven residents aged 35-45 who are grown children and want to live a more meaningful life.  Sure, it might be nice to lose 5 or 10 lbs, you say, but really, you want to get stronger and more flexible safely and naturally...and you're ready to fully commit to yourself and try out our awesome community.

Because with all the crazy going on outside, who couldn't use a little silly?!

But you need to hurry because we can only accept 21 clients into this program.

Look, you've read this far for a reason...you know, in your heart of hearts, there's more to being Fit than just meatheads and swimsuit models.  And that's what we're promising you. Just take the first step by completing the form on this page right now. If you'd prefer to speak with us, call (203) 745-0214 and mention that you're interested in the 21-Days of Play.

We're the leading provider of adult play fitness in New Haven because we're committed to the success of our clients and the love they spread throughout their community.  Plus we don't think debilitating soreness is fun.

So now there's just one question... "Are you worth it?" Is your stress-less existence worth $197?  That's pretty much the bottom line. If you're worth it, then call or complete the form right now.

I look forward to meeting you and blowing your mind.  Fitnessly.


To the Kid in You!  and to your success.  Always.


Marannie Rawls Philippe

Owner, Elm City Coach

(203) 745-0214

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