Success Story: Cary White

"I first decided to start working with a trainer about a year into my first real job since finishing school. After playing a number of sports while growing up, I found myself spending most of my days sitting at my cubicle and becoming more and more stiff in my back and neck. I discovered the MovNat and Parkour communities online and was instantly hooked. I tried teaching myself from online videos, but eventually decided that I would progress much faster and have more fun if I could train with other people.

After four months, I feel stronger and more confident in my movement abilities. I have a much clearer sense of my personal strengths and weaknesses and what I need to do to improve my overall movement efficiency. I have also been having a blast moving my body in different ways and am more motivated to practice fun and creative workouts.

Having a coach gives me a great motivation to keep up with my movement practice and has helped connect me to a broader community of like-minded people in my city. I also really appreciate having someone who is knowledgeable about fitness and body mechanics and can indulge my curiosity in these areas.

Working with a trainer is a true learning experience. By being encouraged to move in ways that you may not have considered on your own, you will get to know your body better and become better at personalizing your own workouts and movement practices."


-Cary White

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