Success Story: Amelia Kennedy


"After several years of an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, I finally decided to give personal training a try. I'd always been extremely active, playing sports, working outdoors with horses, and so on. But after beginning grad school 5 years ago, I basically stopped moving--about the only exercise I got was walking to and from campus. I had less energy, whether for schoolwork or socializing. I still went hiking on occasional weekends, but I noticed I was way slower and sweatier than before. My family is super into the outdoors, and every year we do a backpacking trip--last August, we walked 17 miles of Kesugi Ridge in Alaska as an "easy day hike," and I thought I would die. 

I also had a couple of sports injuries in college, and even though they're healed, I wanted to make sure I didn't re-aggravate them. Finding the right gym and trainer was important to me so that I could push myself without risking injury.

My results so far: lower body fat! Better posture. More upper body strength: I can allllmost do a real pushup (for the first time in over a decade). I'm gaining a better understanding of form, and how I should lift heavy objects safely. Plus, I have more energy throughout the day, with less reliance on coffee. 

There are a ton of reasons I love working out with a personal trainer. First, accountability. I'm held accountable not only for my sessions in the gym, but also for homework in between sessions and nutrition. Second, personalization. Marannie started me out with an evaluation and movement screen. My workout program is targeted not only to make me stronger overall, but also to address imbalances and limitations. We've been working to strengthen my ankles and increase mobility in my hips, for example. Third, challenge! Each workout has something new and engaging to try out, whether balancing, crawling, or lifting. I tend to work a lot harder with a coach than when I'm left to my own devices. 

The MovNat program at Elm City Coach is very well thought-out and keeps me moving forward, learning new skills, and adapting to new challenges.  I feel much stronger than I did even a month ago and am continually setting more ambitious goals.

Elm City Coach is my first experience with personal training, and it's been fantastic! I always leave the gym feeling inspired to continue incorporating more movement into my life."

-Amelia Kennedy

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