SUCCESS STORY: Yvonne Dobbelmann

"I decided to work with a personal trainer because I know that's how I work best. I'm very much a team player and have tried to manage my workouts in a gym, or to do only classes, but I wanted more direction. I've also worked with personal trainers in the gym. However in all my years of trying and trying again, there was only one, and now a second, personal trainer who challenged me properly. On top of that there is only one who challenges me and my body in ways that make sense, in ways that I can actually use during my day, and that's Marannie and the MovNat principle.

I haven't had what I would call "traditional results". I have definitely gained strength. What I've noticed and appreciated is that because MovNat challenges me in ways I haven't been challenged in years, my body and mind are busy with learning skills and reaching for higher level challenges rather than strictly looking at the weight or band I'm working with. Also, I have had some set backs with pain or injury, but Marannie always has an alternative activity so I always leave challenged!

What I like best is the whole set up that Marannie and her team have put together as well as the thought process behind it. We can also offer our thoughts/ideas and can ask any question in the world and Marannie will take it into consideration or explain why things are a certain way. I also love the community, which is even broader now that Elm City Coach has moved to a larger space. I also really appreciate my fellow "MovNatters"...there is much to learn from each other and laugh about.

Elm City Coach is a very personal, individualized way of working out yet one gets the benefit of a personal trainer as well as a group environment. You will feel challenged in ways you never thought you would be, sometimes by even the simplest task, because we likely haven't done that kind of movement in many, many years."


-Yvonne Dobbelmann

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