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The fitness industry is telling us that the only way to success is by working faster, harder, or longer.  If you believe there is a kinder way to treat your body and still see results, join us in spreading the word by becoming an Elm City Coach Founding Member.

Ready to make a commitment to the New Haven community and usher in a new era of fitness? Apply to be an Elm City Coach Founding Member!


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I started Elm City Coach because I believed that the fitness industry was perpetuating the idea that “we aren’t good enough”.  We’re too fat, too lazy, too slow, too weak…too…sedentary.  Maybe we are, but we don’t need more people telling us we aren’t good enough.  In fact, we need the exact opposite.  We need to be held and loved and told we ARE good enough and we CAN reach our goals, and it’s not because we’re too fat or because we live a modern life and we sit all day.  Those are just symptoms.  Our modern society was not set up to educate us on how to take care of ourselves.  It was set up to make us part of its machine.  I wanted to stop all that, or at least provide an alternative.  I wanted to teach others that we have everything we need, it just needs to be trained.

Elm City Coach has been, and continues to be, a life-long journey founded on these core values:

  • Cultivate Vitality
  • Lead with Intelligence and Adaptability
  • Train Fluency First, then Agility and Flow
  • Fitness Should be Fun and Educational


and it is our mission to: 

Unite New Haven around a movement culture that empowers its residents to take charge of their own health

In the beginning of June, 2017 we finally moved to our own location, and I’m so excited because it’s going to enable us to do everything I’ve dreamed: workshops, youth programming, group classes as well as private training…maybe even the elusive fitness vacation.  

But in order to spread the word and reach the streets we are going to need support.  So, today I call to you:

Apply as a member in our Founder’s Club.  We will only accept 25 members and there are some requirements that must be met to join.  Memberships start at $197 per month for 12 months.  If you're a current Elm City Coach member, the Founder's Club Membership is a new contract not a concurrent one.

You’ll receive:

  • 12 months of unparalleled Natural Movement® Fitness coaching for $197!
  • Your name on our wall identifying you as a "Founding Member"
  • Special "Founding Member" T-Shirt
  • Free access (and one guest pass!) to our monthly workshops
  • Quarterly cocktails at local New Haven restaurants
  • You'll have a seat on our board of consultants - we'll be coming to you for feedback for any big decisions we make here at Elm City Coach
  • Street cred as a founding member of establishing New Haven as a Natural Movement hub!


Just fill out the form at the top of the page, and we'll review your application to see if you're a good fit.


Marannie Rawls-Philippe is Director for Elm City Coach, a Natural Movement Gym offering Personal Training, Group Fitness, and Health Coaching in New Haven, CT.

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