Elm City Coach Success Stories

  • Linda Altieri, Elm City Coach Testimonials

    I wanted to work with a personal trainer that was knowledgeable about her profession, one who would make it fun and not work, make me want to come to class (be upset when I couldn't), and most importantly treat me as an individual and not as a routine. I am stronger, my back is stronger and I have become more aware of my movements in every day life.  I now know how to better move, sit and stand to help my overall well being.

    What I like best about having a coach is that I love the personal interaction as I am a people person. I am working with someone, not with machines and weights. My personal trainer cares about me! What I would you say to someone considering working with a personal trainer is to try it! You'll love it! It's definitely worth the cost as you will feel the best ever in your life!

    Linda Altieri
  • Cary White, Elm City Coach Testimonials

    "I first decided to start working with a trainer about a year into my first real job since finishing school. After playing a number of sports while growing up, I found myself spending most of my days sitting at my cubicle and becoming more and more stiff in my back and neck. I discovered the MovNat and Parkour communities online and was instantly hooked. I tried teaching myself from online videos, but eventually decided that I would progress much faster and have more fun if I could train with other people.

    After four months, I feel stronger and more confident in my movement abilities. I have a much clearer sense of my personal strengths and weaknesses and what I need to do to improve my overall movement efficiency. I have also been having a blast moving my body in different ways and am more motivated to practice fun and creative workouts.

    Having a coach gives me a great motivation to keep up with my movement practice and has helped connect me to a broader community of like-minded people in my city. I also really appreciate having someone who is knowledgeable about fitness and body mechanics and can indulge my curiosity in these areas.

    Working with a trainer is a true learning experience. By being encouraged to move in ways that you may not have considered on your own, you will get to know your body better and become better at personalizing your own workouts and movement practices."

    Cary White
  • Amelia Kennedy, Elm City Coach Testimonials

    After several years of an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, I finally decided to give personal training a try. I'd always been extremely active, playing sports, working outdoors with horses, and so on. But after beginning grad school 5 years ago, I basically stopped moving--about the only exercise I got was walking to and from campus. I had less energy, whether for schoolwork or socializing. I still went hiking on occasional weekends, but I noticed I was way slower and sweatier than before. My family is super into the outdoors, and every year we do a backpacking trip--last August, we walked 17 miles of Kesugi Ridge in Alaska as an "easy day hike," and I thought I would die. 

    I also had a couple of sports injuries in college, and even though they're healed, I wanted to make sure I didn't re-aggravate them. Finding the right gym and trainer was important to me so that I could push myself without risking injury.

    My results so far: lower body fat! Better posture. More upper body strength: I can allllmost do a real pushup (for the first time in over a decade). I'm gaining a better understanding of form, and how I should lift heavy objects safely. Plus, I have more energy throughout the day, with less reliance on coffee. 

    There are a ton of reasons I love working out with a personal trainer. First, accountability. I'm held accountable not only for my sessions in the gym, but also for homework in between sessions and nutrition. Second, personalization. Marannie started me out with an evaluation and movement screen. My workout program is targeted not only to make me stronger overall, but also to address imbalances and limitations. We've been working to strengthen my ankles and increase mobility in my hips, for example. Third, challenge! Each workout has something new and engaging to try out, whether balancing, crawling, or lifting. I tend to work a lot harder with a coach than when I'm left to my own devices. 

    The MovNat program at Elm City Coach is very well thought-out and keeps me moving forward, learning new skills, and adapting to new challenges.  I feel much stronger than I did even a month ago and am continually setting more ambitious goals.

    Elm City Coach is my first experience with personal training, and it's been fantastic! I always leave the gym feeling inspired to continue incorporating more movement into my life.

    Amelia Kennedy
  • Emma Banay, Elm City Coach Testimonials

    "I decided the start working with a personal trainer to try and find ways to reincorporate movement and exercise into my daily routine.  With a long daily commute (into the city and back most days per week), I was struggling to find ways to stay active that didn't feel like they were "cutting into" my limited free time.  I also struggled with snacking during the commute, and wanted more accountability with my eating habits.

    I've definitely had a huge change in my weekly exercise routine.  Running, circuits, biking, and walking are all a much more consistent part of my week.  I find opportunities throughout the work day for small bursts of exercise, prioritize exercise and outside activities during my free time, and am paying much more attention to my eating habits.  I'm excited to have lost about 20 pounds and am proud of changes in my strength and ability -- being able to run for longer, take on a challenging hike, or fit into old clothes feels great!

    I like having someone who I can check in with about my workout routines, eating plan, and exercise progress.  I also appreciate having the new monthly program to work on.  It's nice to know that I have a routine tailored to my needs and progress that I have a full month to master and work on.

    Working with Elm City Coach has really helped me realize and verbalize my health and fitness goals.  After realizing what those are, Elm City Coach has given me tools to accomplish them and helped me remain accountable to them.  It's been really gratifying to have a coach guide my progress by suggesting strategies, checking in, and encouraging me!"

    Emma Banay
  • Sarah Olivier, Elm City Coach Testimonials

    "I decided to work with a coach because I wanted to get to my goals faster and needed motivation. With chronic injuries I needed to be more careful with exercises and wanted a routine that was also corrective/therapeutic. The results I have seen since working with Elm City Coach are better coordination, improved movement awareness and self care. awareness. 

    What I like best about training with Elm City Coach is the professionalism and camaraderie of the team. I appreciate the team's knowledge. I would say to someone on the fence about working with a personal trainer that having a coach/trainer helps you change the mindset regarding working out in order to achieve goals and decrease risk of injuries."

    Sarah Olivier
  • Yvonne Dobbelmann, Elm City Coach Testimonials

    "I decided to work with a personal trainer because I know that's how I work best. I'm very much a team player and have tried to manage my workouts in a gym, or to do only classes, but I wanted more direction. I've also worked with personal trainers in the gym. However in all my years of trying and trying again, there was only one, and now a second, personal trainer who challenged me properly. On top of that there is only one who challenges me and my body in ways that make sense, in ways that I can actually use during my day, and that's Marannie and the MovNat principle.

    I haven't had what I would call "traditional results". I have definitely gained strength. What I've noticed and appreciated is that because MovNat challenges me in ways I haven't been challenged in years, my body and mind are busy with learning skills and reaching for higher level challenges rather than strictly looking at the weight or band I'm working with. Also, I have had some set backs with pain or injury, but Marannie always has an alternative activity so I always leave challenged!

    What I like best is the whole set up that Marannie and her team have put together as well as the thought process behind it. We can also offer our thoughts/ideas and can ask any question in the world and Marannie will take it into consideration or explain why things are a certain way. I also love the community, which is even broader now that Elm City Coach has moved to a larger space. I also really appreciate my fellow "MovNatters"...there is much to learn from each other and laugh about.

    Elm City Coach is a very personal, individualized way of working out yet one gets the benefit of a personal trainer as well as a group environment. I would add that they will feel challenged in ways they never thought they would be, sometimes by even the simplest task, because we likely haven't done that kind of movement in many, many years."


    Yvonne Dobbelmann
  • Shelby Phipps , Elm City Coach Testimonials

    "Hi! My name is Shelby Phipps and I’ve been with Elm City Coach for eight months. Elm City Coach is important to me because it gives me a balance in my life, and I like being a part of the community. 

    I keep coming back to Elm City Coach for the trainers and for the information that they give. The results I’ve received have been a weight loss of 25 pounds and gaining a real sense of nutritional balance in my life.

    The best thing about working out Elm City Coach is the personalized attention you get as a client. If someone’s on the fence about working out with a personal trainer I’d say that they should at least try it for a short period of time, especially if they’re hard self-motivated. "

    -Shelby Phipps

    Shelby Phipps
  • Will Melton, Elm City Coach Testimonials

    As I've gotten older, I've learned that eating what I want and doing what I want with little to no focus on my body just isn't enough to lead a happy healthy life. Probably more important - or at least the leading motivator - is that I will be getting married in several months and I want to look my best for the day. Last, but not least, I've had positive experiences with trainers in the past.

    In the few months that I have been at Elm City Coach, I've dropped around 10 pounds and I've also reduced the size of my gut - both primary goals of mine. Aside from that, I have been much better at paying attention to what I eat and ensuring I get balanced nutrition throughout the day. I also feel that my level of motivation is heightened throughout the week.

    It's always been hard for me to hold myself accountable. For the most part, I've relied on the accountability due to business parters, employees and clients as a means to ensure I get it all done, but with my fitness, it's different. My fiancee is my biggest supporter and motivator, but I still seem to be able make excuses and say, "next time, I'll do it." Having a coach adds a layer of accountability that I need in order to succeed. Additionally, I would have absolutely no clue what to do in a gym in order to get a real workout.

    While it took me some time and a little push to make the decision to start the program, it ultimately came down to how important my physical, mental and emotional health were to me. I only have so much time on this planet, but my program at Elm City Coach allows me to improve on how I spend that time and hopefully it adds a few years to my life. Knowing how I felt about it before making a commitment, I realize how easy it is to tell yourself, "this is important, I should do something," but life gets in the way and it takes a back seat to other priorities. Want my advice? Just go for it. You owe it to yourself.

    Will Melton
  • Sabrina Lombardi, Elm City Coach Testimonials

    I began training with Marannie almost 3 years ago, to alleviate back pain and do something good for myself. Since then, it’s been a critical piece of my self-care routine and supported me through many transitions.

    I love spending time in the woods, and training sessions have evolved to better support my passion for outdoor exploration. Working on crawling, rolling, balancing, carrying, and other foundational skills have made me more coordinated and powerful. I can play harder outside with less injury and more intelligent risk-taking. And there’s a lot of personal tailoring, even in group sessions. Obstacles I encounter in nature – like jumping from a low rock to a high rock to cross a river (teeming with hungry crocodiles! Just kidding) – get simulated during sessions, building my skills and my confidence in performing them, so I can clear those obstacles next time I’m on the trail.

    I also appreciate the monthly coaching calls, to ensure training is on track. Meetings with Marannie help me keep my goals in mind and keep me accountable. The self-awareness I’m developing with the help of her coaching has impacted other areas of my life as well. For example, I’ve taken up painting and piano playing to tap into more joy and self-expression. ECC is a functional movement program that continues to transform my life for the better. Thank you, Marannie.

    Sabrina Lombardi
  • Charlie Negaro , Elm City Coach Testimonials

    "Lacking a pill that I could use to make up for 20 years of muscle fatigue and lack of mobility, I had the great good fortune to find Marannie. For over three years she has tirelessly pushed—and sometime literally pulled—me into better and better conditioning. She is creative, adaptive and ever willing to do whatever works on this aged body. So maybe 74 is the new 52. I am looking forward to my personal bests of the last 20 years in cycling, strength, and flexibility. Elm City Coach Client of the Month is the best award I ever got! Except hugs from grandchildren."

    Charlie Negaro
  • Lydia Mandell, Elm City Coach Testimonials

    After working out at traditional gyms, I decided to try Elm City Coach for the individual coaching and group training.  I wanted to get myself on a regular exercise routine that didn't hurt my body; I wanted an individualized, revisable plan that worked with my body instead of against it.

    Since starting the program I have increased strength, stability and flexibility; I am having more fun exercising; and I am showing up for myself and being consistent with my workouts, which has been a challenge in the past. I used to focus simply on losing weight and not notice the other benefits of exercise. My focus now is on overall health and wellness.

    The best thing about having a coach is knowing that I can always get feedback if something isn't working and get support when I need it.

    At Elm City Coach you will get expert, individualized coaching and training in a fun, easy-going environment. It's a treat to work out in the group, training each day."

    Lydia Mandell
  • Kevin Losty , Elm City Coach Testimonials

    I knew I needed to switch up my current program since I wasn't getting the results I was looking for. I was having some Bone spur and plantar issues in my foot, but knew I needed to continue working out. Elm City Coach sounded like a great option and it was!

    Since training with Marannie I have better flexibility, more accountability on my end, better eating habits (most of the time!)…Overall healthier lifestyle!

    What I like most about working out with Elm City Coach are the various new ways I have learned to stretch and workout: mixing up the old traditional style/ repetitive push-ups, sit ups, squats and lunges. Also, everything I have done feels in control and feels like I am helping my body for the future, not pounding my joints like some of the more popular workouts seen at local gyms. I used to do those workouts in my 20s, playing football and baseball in college. Now I feel my workout should be more functional, and I don't need to max out or lift 300 pounds + to have a good workout.

    Give it a try! Having a one-on-one coach keeps you accountable and Elm City Coach will make sure you have the correct form and get the most out of your workouts for future success in sports or any other activities you may be doing.

    Kevin Losty
  • Julianne Kapar, Elm City Coach Testimonials

    I have been a fairly un-moving person for most of my life. I have gone through many seasons of lifewhere I went to the gym a few times a week, did some repetitive movement and felt pretty good about it, but I have never really moved much in a natural way. Over the past few years, I have been working on making some big changes in my life, starting with diet and environmental changes. Movement was the next logical piece for me. Through a series of podcasts and lots of internet digging, I discovered MovNat and knew it was what I wanted. I was so excited to find Marannie, and I have not been disappointed!

    Since starting the program, I have been most encouraged by seeing my strength increase and realizing that I can do things I had previously assumed I couldn't do. I'm learning movements that carry over into my life, like how to safely lift heavy things (e.g. laundry baskets and small humans) or how to squat better while gardening. Natural movement has also helped me to uncover my hidden weaknesses, which in a strange way I am really grateful for. As I encounter each part of me that is weak, I learn so much about how connected every part of my body is and how subtle movement affects me in ways I never understood. It has been a challenge that I'm excited to meet!

    I LOVE coming to classes. I've never enjoyed the gym or classes of any sort, but every Tuesday and Thursday, I actually wake up looking forward to class. The best part is the small group- I feel like I get a chance to get to know everyone and we have a great time. I really think some of the coolest people in New Haven work with Elm City Coach!

    I would encourage anyone on the fence to join ECC. Marannie is so supportive and knowledgeable, and the small group setting makes the whole experience enjoyable. You also get a personalized program based on your own goals, so you really get a great amount of individual support as well. It is so worth it!

    Julianne Kapar
  • Brenda Carter, Elm City Coach Testimonials

    I’d been experiencing pretty debilitating neck and back pain for the last couple of years. I finally sought physical therapy and started to improve a bit, but I knew that I needed to overhaul the way I moved, since the way I carry my body is a big part of what caused the problems I was having. I’d also been quite sedentary for a while because of my neck and back problems, and I wanted to find a way to sort of start over with exercise that would not only avoid further problems but also re-educate my body to move differently.

    Training with Elm City Coach has been a great start. I’ve continued to feel better, and I can tell that I’m building strength and stability where I’ve lacked it before. I’ve also lost several pounds and I feel like I have more energy. The nutrition program has been a bonus benefit for me—I feel like I finally know how I should be eating, and I think my improved diet has contributed to my feeling better and more energetic.

    I really like having a knowledgable partner tackling this project with me and guiding me through it. I feel like Marannie is really helping me to problem-solve and figure out what kinds of approaches will work for me, both to get out of the pain I’ve been in and to move forward into much greater overall health. I need someone very tuned in to my specific challenges and with the know-how to work through them, and I feel like Marannie offers that. I also think it’s helpful to have someone besides yourself evaluating how you’re doing and the progress you’re making.

    If you’re clear about the changes you want to make, and you’re in a place to dedicate the time and effort, go for it!

    Brenda Carter
  • Katie, Elm City Coach Testimonials

    I was turning 55, and still emerging from 7 years of acute family health crises. Caregiving can be deeply depleting, physically and psychically; so can grief, the struggle to forge a new life (and to be a good-enough single parent). I have been doing Pilates for 3 years (and still do it twice a week); immensely helpful, but I also wanted more of a metabolism reset. I wanted to have more energy, lose weight, and prepare my body better for aging. I thought about trying to go to a residential program for a month, but (after talking to a friend who had attended a great one, yet regained all her lost weight and been utterly unable to implement exercise into daily life) decided I'd be better off trying from home--even if I had to work around a stressful work schedule; that's what real life will continue to be like. Three years ago, when I started Pilates, I wasn't sure I could manage to do one session a week without being so exhausted it would wreck the week. I worried about this all over again when I started training with Marannie. But the end of this spring, I was managing 2 Pilates sessions and 2-3 coaching sessions most weeks--and this summer often swim on weekends as well. I'm still tired, but in a very different, I'm-tired-but-I've-got-to-keep-doing-this-and-I-KNOW-doing-it-will-give-me-more-energy kind of way.

    Since training with Elm City Coach I've lost ten pounds, learned to eat (most of the time) in a more rational and controlled way, and to reclaim the best of my youthful eating habits. Far more fundamentally, I've started to live with and in my body in a different way--and hence in the life I have now, in the present. In small but subtle ways, my body looks really different to me in the mirror--coherent, strong, well put-together. Friends and acquaintances have noted how much better I'm looking--but above all, I just FEEL better.

    Already in grade school, I was always that kid who found gym class utterly overwhelming: too fast, too sweaty, too competitive. I fantasize now about what it would have been like to have gotten this kind of one-on-one coaching then, that compassionately accepts who and where I am, takes stock of what my current physical limitations are (and perhaps above all, my physical fears), and slowly tries to push against them. At first, everything was really hard. I was very easily unnerved (even frightened) by every new demand, overwhelmed, panicked. Even sweating really upset me! But Marannie's patience and kindness (and cheerful relentlessness) pushed me to keep going. If I couldn't figure out how to breathe, position my body, or coordinate my movements, she would slow down, break it down, help me practice until I could figure out how to do it. Its great to feel I can do things that used to feel impossible. To my astonishment, I often find myself now, at the end of a session, reluctant to leave. Even sweating now seems okay, a sign my body has come out of hibernation and stasis. We've joked recently that I am now retaking grade school gym class again, and might even pass it with flying colors.

    There's no question that you are giving yourself a real challenge in plunging into training. But the rewards are quite fast in coming too: increased body sense, strength, self-confidence. The very fact of jumping in is a goad to start changing fundamental things about your life. My son and I are having our best summer yet--and he too is trying to work out and eat better. He's more mature these days--but then so am I; at last, I think I'm also setting a positive example.

  • Wendy Leigh White, Elm City Coach Testimonials

    1) What made you decide you needed to start a training program?

    I used to be so strong and active, but life had gotten away from me – 5 years in naturopathic medical school and then growing my practice, ironically, did my health in. I needed to live my life the way I was recommending to my patients and the movement piece was the last thing missing…

    2) What results have you achieved since starting your program?

    Since training with Elm City Coach I have such better muscle definition! I love that. I also feel better overall so making better food choices happens more often.

    3) What do you like best about training with Elm City Coach?

    It’s fun! I feel like I’m at a playground: jumping, swinging, lifting, crawling, etc.

    4) What would you say to someone on the fence about joining our program?

    Give it a try! And, long enough that you get over the ‘hump’ of new movement that your body isn’t used to. Hang in there and you will feel your vitality!

    Wendy Leigh White
  • I'm a level 1 certified MovNat trainer and had been frolicking in the woods on my own or with my son for a while, so I kind of coasted on those things. But this meant I was often attending to him, or staying at the same level myself. There's something about showing up with a group and having Marannie there to set up smart progressive programming that motivates me to take my training more seriously. It also means that time gets to be all about me and I'm off parenting duty!

    Since starting with Elm City Coach I've had gains in strength and in movement efficiency. I was really lousy at traversing and vaulting when I got started but now I feel like I can do some of the things I had always wanted to progress to. When I'm back playing in the woods it's nice to be able to grab a tree and pull myself up more easily. It's translated to more confidence in my movement and health.

    I've really appreciated Marannie's programming. It's helped me to make sure I diversify what I'm working on, and has helped me to progress in a really balanced way.

    There will always be a bajillion fitness fads that come and go but paying attention to the quality, efficiency, and integrity of your movement will never go out of style. And it will never be a "fitness regret" that leaves you feeling crappy in your body. This work, and Marannie, is so thoughtful and useful to everyday life AND it will make you feel more like a superhero all at the same time. There's no time like the present to get fitter and healthier while at the same time getting smarter movement patterns. You would think all fitness offers that, but it's a rare breed actually and Elm City Coach offers that!

    Brooke Thomas
  • Ellen Lenson , Elm City Coach Testimonials

    In June I had surgery to repair a ruptured Achilles' tendon. I spent the better part of the summer and fall inactive. As my PT was drawing to an end I wanted to introduce more movement back into my life but needed some motivation as I still had limited strength in my calf and a healthy dose of fear. Luckily for me, Elm City Coach had just moved into the space where I have my craniosacral practice. As a bodyworker and yoga teacher, natural movement really appealed to me.

    The biggest result so far has been my willingness and enthusiasm to play with new movement patterns. Instead of being afraid to try things post-op, I am excited. I have done things with Marannie's coaching that I wouldn't have dared try myself. The fear of "hurting myself" is quickly fleeing. I love the support and community.

    It is so much fun, even at 7:00am! When I started attending the Elm City Coach group classes, I passingly said to my husband, "I hope this feels like playing with my friends I pay" and in a very short time it has! Come and play!

    Ellen Lenson
  • Deborah Ayeni , Elm City Coach Testimonials

    I was at a point in my life where I needed a regular exercise program. For me, routine works better, so I knew that a program I can add to my calendar, knowing that that time of the day/week has been allotted strictly for exercising would be ideal for me. I had tried other exercise programs but I quickly realized that I wasn't getting what I desired out of them and that a long-term commitment wasn't feasible for me given that the movement patterns were mostly repetitive. I was looking for a program that incorporates movement, cardio and most importantly, a program that is very individualistic; one in which the exercises are tailored to what I need.

    I have observed that since working with Elm City Coach, my energy levels have soared and stay up all day long. I only drink water and occasionally, green tea. So for me, a sound sleep and good exercise is required to get me through long days. I am happy to say that the program fulfills the exercise part for me. Besides, I was also looking to lose some weight and get back in shape, and so far I have lost over 4% body fat in 3 months. In addition to this, I experience back pains regularly and Marannie is well aware of this and has been able to recommend breathing and movement exercises that are simple enough for me to do on my own and have been tremendously helpful.

    I love the fact that the program is not one-size-fits-all and there is a continued assessment of my progress. I also really appreciate the fact that Marannie respects that my expectations from the program are not set in stone and by that I mean that what I look to get out may change from time to time and she is willing to accommodate that.

    Give it a shot. It really is worth a try. The classes are really fun and dynamic!

    Deborah Ayeni
  • I’ve had trouble exercising regularly and consistently, in part because of problems presented by autoimmune disease. A few months ago I realized I had become increasingly sedentary and out of shape. With my 60th birthday approaching, I wanted to figure out strategies for aging more healthfully. Signing up with Marannie, whom I’d heard about from my friend Darcy, was my 60th birthday present to myself.

    Working with Marannie has been great! I look forward to our sessions together. Her positive, flexible, holistic approach to health has been just right for me. I’ve been moving more and eating more healthfully, and as a result I feel more energetic, my digestion works better, I sleep better, and so far there even are indications that my immune system may be functioning better. I should add that I’ve also lost some weight and body fat, not my primary goals but very welcome side benefits.

    In the past it’s been hard for me to maintain the regular habits that my body needs to stay healthy – work and travel often require that I eat on the go, and I’m married to someone who almost never gets sick, can eat anything at any time of the day, and doesn’t need much sleep. Marannie’s support and expertise, and the accountability and organization that are part of her program, have helped me develop strategies for doing what my body needs, even when I’m away from home and my spouse is running on adrenaline.

    I wasn’t sure about how the program would work for me, so initially I signed up for three months. But I’m signing up for more, because I’ve benefited so much from working with Marannie and want to continue making progress.

    Barbara Goren
  • Amy Small , Elm City Coach Testimonials

    I was tired all the time, and I just wasn't feeling healthy, but since starting with Elm City Coach, exercising has actually become part of my routine. I just get up and I come to workout. That was a huge switch. It took me a long time to realize “this is what I do now”, and now I just do it without thinking.

    I’ve lost over 15lbs and 4.5% body fat with a 2.9% increase in muscle mass, but the depth of knowledge that I get during a session; there is just so much that I’m learning - It’s not that I’m asking all these questions, concepts just present themselves and they start to make sense.

    Sometimes I feel guilty about the time/money/attention, but then sometimes I feel proud for making the time and making myself just as important as anything else.

    Amy Small
  • Kelly Berwick , Elm City Coach Testimonials

    "I wanted to feel healthy and lose weight. And then I got engaged and specifically wanted to lose weight and tone my arms for my wedding on June 20th. I have lost more than 10lbs and 5% bodyfat, but I feel stronger espceially in my arms and my cardio performance has improved. I feel motivated because I feel healthy and in shape. I've seen results! I like that Marannie listens to me and any concerns that I am having. I feel very safe working out with her because she pushes me, but I know I will not get hurt or injured. Even her small group program is individualized and fits my needs and goals. I would say that Marannie is great at motivating and encouraging you. Her fitness plan extends beyond the gym to help you improve your overall wellness. She does not hesitate to help you with nutrition and healthy eating. She will also encourage you to work out outside the gym and she will design a program for you to complete "on your own." She will give you the tools you need to succeed!"

    Kelly Berwick
  • Darcy McGraw , Elm City Coach Testimonials

    I had reached a point where I was feeling pretty bad mentally, physically, and spiritually. A serious foot injury had become my focal point of physical existence. When Marannie said she helps people look and feel the way they want, I knew I needed that positive energy and decided to give the program a try.

    Since starting with Elm City Coach things just keep getting better, my ankle especially. I have lost about 10 lbs and 2% body fat. My muscle mass has increased and I feel different.

    I’m enjoying working out, and I have become more aware of what I put in my mouth. I had been in denial about the weight I had gained, and now I feel better. I feel like I’m starting to look the way I want to!

    The accountability of having a coach is HUGE, knowing that I’m going to speak with Marannie regularly, that she keeps track of what’s going on with me— the program has helped me get more organized. Everything has to be planned out: appointments, meals, there is less time to waste.

    People tell me they don’t have the time or it’s too much money,but if you are serious about changing your life this is the best way to do it. It’s about self-care.

    Darcy McGraw
  • Jeff Malins, Elm City Coach Testimonials

    "In just 5 weeks of Marannie's Program I’ve really noticed a lot of progress in the different exercises: my flexibility is getting better and most notably my posture has improved. I’m making more of an effort to stand up straight when I walk and I think the exercises have helped build my core to make that possible. A good friend of mine who had been away for a few weeks and just got back said that she thought I looked taller (completely unprompted!) — I think this must be the reason why! Nutrition has been good too — lots of smoothies and salads. I just have to be careful I eat enough to replace the calories I’m burning — I have a tendency to under eat, but I am trying to have more high-calorie healthy foods like nuts, avocados, and bananas (and protein powder as well). I’m happy to just keep going with the program — it’s serving me well! "

    Jeff Malins
  • Lisa DeAngelis , Elm City Coach Testimonials

    "I was having a hard time finding motivation and getting back into a routine. I was getting discouraged that a lot of my strength and cardio endurance was gone. Unfortunately, a little over two years ago I was ill for a few months, which prevented me from working out and greatly diminished my lung capacity. When I was able to resume exercise, I decided I needed help getting back into shape. Not only did I get back into a regular exercise routine, but after two years, I'm in the best shape I've ever been. I can definitely see physical changes (fat loss, increase muscle strength/tone) but more importantly I feel much better and happier overall. I've been able to take my fitness to a higher level and incorporate it into a very healthy, easy to maintain lifestyle. The positive support I receive is invaluable. It's not just exercise tips; it's guidance and support for a healthy lifestyle, which is my main objective. And it's always fun! I've met a lot of great people along the way so it's nice to also have the support of your peers too! I would tell anyone who wants to join to stop thinking and just do it already! It's a very fun, friendly, and non-intimidating environment. No excuses."

    Lisa DeAngelis
  • Beau Couden , Elm City Coach Testimonials

    "I've been fit in the past, but I like that Marannie had me ease into this program. We started with range of motion exercises and working on my form, so at first it almost seemed trivial, however after going through one month of Private Training I feel stronger and my posture is much better which is significantly helping my low back pain. Now I’m ready for phase two of my training which includes more cardio and intense training. In 1 month I have lost about 8 pounds and I am definitely starting to look and feel more lean. The most important thing that has changed is my diet. I no longer crave the unhealthy foods I once lived on--I eat more slowly and often even leave food on my plate. My energy levels have drastically increased and when I get bored I find myself stretching and doing light exercise…its really bizarre! My mother had encouraged me to start with Marannie after having a positive experience with her (She continues to see her today). After picking up my first few sessions as a birthday gift I knew that Marannie was who I needed to see in order to get my health back on track. Take a chance. Nothing is more important than your health. Before I met Marannie my health was spiraling out of control and the worst part was that I didn’t even realize it. With 8 pounds down and 2% body fat gone in just one month I can’t wait to see the rest of my transformation."

    Beau Couden
  • Sarah Oliver, Elm City Coach Testimonials

    "I wanted to get back into my routine and also build up the aspects of my physical conditioning that were weak or lacking. Since training with Marannie I have a stronger core and upper body and have regained the level of conditioning needed to practice Krav Maga at my previous level and beyond! In the past 10 years I have become more and more active, engaging in extreme workouts that demanded a lot of my physically. I stopped when I moved to New Haven and even though I ha a gym available in my building, there was no plan or consistency. The best part about training with Elm City Coach is that even in small group training, it is tailored to the individula's goals, and the approach allows such flexibility to modify around injuries and other obstacles without holding up someone else's session. If you need motivation, joining the program will do it, and through consistency your goals will be met effectively. I totally recommend it."

    Sarah Oliver


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